Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel on Bill Cassidy’s Health “Care” Bill

Jimmy Kimmel didn't waste any time telling us what he thinks of the GOP's last-ditch effort to gut our health care system. It's a Hail Mary effort to repeal Obamacare because they hate Obamacare. Maybe they should start thinking of American citizens' well being instead of political grudges.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Stereotype Paradox

An Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman

Screen Junkies wades into the water to dare give us an Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman. Let's be honest, they liked the movie as much as the rest of us did. But they could still find some things about it to pick on, like how much the plot has the implausibility of a super hero comic book. Strange, that.

Pretty much the worst thing they can say about Wonder Woman is that it had everything a comic book super hero movie should have, and that it surprised us by having that and being good as well. This video does have some good puns, though. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Walk LIke a Pirate

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Talking Like a Pirate

It's not always appropriate, or profitable, to talk like a pirate. Comic by Steve Langille.

Miss Cellania's Links

Cowabunga! Strange Cow Stories. Bossy has gotten herself into some weird places.

16 Great Stephen King Stories to Read This Fall. In case you want to scare yourself silly alone in the dark.

How Two Lesbians Fought the Nazis With a Typewriter. Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe kept up a propaganda war from their home in the Channel Islands.

Can You Survive on Potatoes Alone? Maybe, but there are drawbacks to potatoes as a life-sustaining food.

In 1832, a British Navy doctor was approached by a sailor who had a dining fork embedded in his back! He couldn't recall how it got there.  (via Strange Company

Guess Whether These Headlines Came From Breitbart or 1920s KKK Newspapers.

Why Back-to-School Season Feels Like the New Year—Even for Adults. The majority of people spend more than half their lives tied to the school calendar.

A Visual History of Lunchboxes. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the trivia.

An Austrian Ossuary Holds Hundreds of Elaborately Hand-Painted Skulls. The custom is a combination of memento mori and identification.

Dance Like a Pirate

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7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride was released on September 27, 1987, which means it will soon be 30 years since it hit theaters. In honor of the occasion, Cinefix tells us seven things about the movie. Not just tidbits of trivia; these are more like seven stories behind the making of The Princess Bride. As you wish.

The filming was one problem after another. After watching this, you'll be amazed that the movie was ever completed, but they overcame those obstacles with hard work, perserverence, and creativity. It was a difficult production that ended up looking effortless. Inconceivable! The result was a comedy/romance/fantasy/fairy tale/action film that became a classic. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Selling a Blanket

Big LT is an amputee who has been living on disability payments. He saw a Navajo blanket on the TV show Antiques Roadshow and realized he had a family heirloom that was like it. Watch him find out how much it is worth. So he started out thinking he might get $5-10 thousand for it. Then the appraisers come out. This story might lift those Monday blues for you by the end. And the kicker is that LT might even be able to go visit his blanket in some museum somewhere. (via reddit)

Out West

The Gym

Miss Cellania's Links

The True Stories of 5 Classic Railway Tunes. With videos, in case you want to sing along. 

5 Police Cases That Basically Solved Crimes Using Magic

Trump calls single-payer 'a curse'—here's what data from other countries actually show.

Solid Evidence of Eruptions Under Antarctic Ice. Over 100 volcanoes, hidden under ice sheets, could destabilize the continent.

In 1859, the United States and Britain Almost Went to War Over a Pig. The farmers of San Juan Island called in the troops to determine sovereignty once and for all.

The Contentious Physics of Wiffle Ball. An engineer explains his experiments to find out why it curves.

A Fortune Lost at Sea: Ship Sinks with California Gold Rush Treasure. Hundreds died, and the loss of gold caused several banks to fail. (via Strange Company)

How Don Hewitt Invented 60 Minutes and Changed Journalism Forever. The show is beginning its 50th year on the air.

This Ghost Town was Aiming Nuclear Missiles at America from Just 125 Miles Away. Gudym, on the eastern edge of Russia, is now just a shell of its former self.

Democratic Socialists of America Muck Out Flooded Houston Homes. (via Metafilter

Hot Dogs

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Textbook Explanation of Social Media Sites

A textbook uses the analogy of a donut to explain how social media sites differ. It's in the way that people use them. And Google+ is the punchline. Who says textbook writers don't have a sense of humor? The price they expect us to pay for them would be funny, too, if it weren't so tragic. (via reddit)

How Jackie Chan Gets Over Fences

This supercut shows how movie star Jackie Chan surmounts obstacles: fences, walls, buildings, and other barriers. He does it in style. No wonder his films always feature a chase scene on foot! The word "climb" doesn't really do it justice. It's more like he dances over obstacles. In one minute, Chan gets over over eleven barriers, and makes it look effortless. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Must. Touch. Kitty.

A husky is quite enamored of the cat he just met, but seems to be aware of the possible danger. From the comments at reddit,
In this video, Doggo is trying to be accepted by Kitty. He desperately wants to be friends. This is probably the first time they've met. Doggo is being extremely submissive: ducking his head very low, below Kitty's, rolling onto his back to expose both his belly and his neck to Kitty. But he can still see Kitty is tense. Kitty's ears are back and her hackles are raised. She has likely never seen a dog and just doesn't know what to make of Doggo. But he knows she isn't happy, and from his whining, you can tell this makes him super sad! He even gets close to Kitty and raises a paw playfully, and as gently as he can, as if to say to Kitty, "See, look! I am not dangerous, Sweet Kitty! Do not be afraid! I just want to be your friend!" Actually, the fact that Kitty isn't hissing or scratching is a good sign! It means she is probably just unsure, so I bet that Doggo will get his wish after Kitty gets to know him, and they will become friends at last.
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Draw Me

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

An American Man

Halo, Džozefina

This guy in Croatia took three years to record this music video, and it's still only two minutes long. But he gained a full head of hair and a viral video. The song is "Halo, Džozefina" (Hello Josephine) by Đorđe Marjanović, who was a star in Serbia (then Yugoslavia) in the 1950s and '60s. (via reddit