Friday, November 17, 2017

A Guide to Pumpkin Pie

This video starts out showing you how to catch a wild pumpkin, so you know what direction it's going. You will also learn how to use recycled crust and mourn the existence of pre-combined "pumpkin pie spice." The entire video from You Suck at Cooking is a respite from the anxiety of planning and executing a Thanksgiving feast.  

Some of the tips here are legit, while others are not. You must figure that out yourself. And stay for the little song at the end. Honestly, pumpkin pie may seem complicated, but it's as simple as following the instruction on the can of pumpkin. Don't even think about cooking a pumpkin yourself- I've done that, and it's not worth the effort. (via Mashable)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Tricky Origins of Turkey Day. How the fall holiday wires got crossed.

Why Are Your Wages So Low? Because the rate of exploitation is growing.

Incredible Teamwork From Little Clownfish. An entire family works together to build a new nest for the next generation.

10 People Who Survived the Impossible. When their lives were at stake, they rose to the occasion.

An Illustrated Look at the Terlingua Chili Cook-Off. In Texas, where chili cook-offs are thick as thieves, this one is the biggie and it comes with a ton of history. (Thanks, Walter!)

Meet the Actor Behind the New Star Wars Character. Kelly Marie Tran spent years going to auditions, then in 2015, her life changed forever.

The Hidden Science and Tech of the Byzantine Empire. The successor to the Roman Empire was responsible for breakthroughs in math, engineering, astronomy, and other sciences.

Taking the abortion debate down to its elemental level

Why the Movies Are So Obsessed With Capes. It's how a costume can add to the drama. (via Kottke)

9 Vintage Thanksgiving Side Dishes We Shouldn’t Bring Back.

His Chair

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Simon's Cat in DIY

In the latest Simon's Cat cartoon, the cat once again displays typical cat behavior that manages to ruin Simon's day. He's simply trying to install a new shelf on the wall. The cat knows that anything new is for sits. Especially elevated things. And as always, the cat gets his way in the end. (via Tastefully Offensive)

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Thursday, November 16, 2017


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The Pips (without Gladys Knight)

In 1977, The Richard Pryor Show featured music from The Pips, but not Gladys Knight. I don't know who had the idea, but someone mentioned a contractual dispute, and many remember this bit as the funniest thing on TV. The Pips had a ton of talent, but they rarely ever got to shine. (via TYWKIWDBI)  

On another note, you might wonder how "TYWKIWDBI" is pronounced. There's an explanation at the top of the blog, but I always pronounce it "Minnesotastan." I'd never be able to spell it if I didn't know it stands for Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog Intermittently.

Christmas Decorations Completed

When is the right time to switch from Halloween decorations to Christmas decorations? In a perfect world, the Halloween stuff would come down on November 1, and Christmas decorations would go up sometime during Thanksgiving weekend. Redditor savage_irony did the changeover in one fell swoop, and he acts like he's both exhausted and proud of himself. I like the finished product, though. (via reddit)

The Appointment

Oh My!

Melodysheep remixed sounds from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz to make a modern musical movie montage. Cool. (via Tastefully Offensive

Miss Cellania's Links

Russell Johnson: More Than "The Professor." The Gilligan's Island star was once a staple of Western movies and TV.

Every State, Ranked by Its Food.  (via Digg)

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? (via Metafilter)

15 Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters (And How to Avoid Them). We learn from our mistakes, but it's less painful to learn from other people's mistakes.

How far into the horrific past will 2017 regress

The Lucrative Business of Prescribing Booze During Prohibition. Medicinal liquor was a legal loophole that everyone wanted to use.

How Nick Offerman Is Using Woodworking to Help Americans in Need. Would Works is a nonprofit organization that pays homeless people for helping in a woodworking shop.

Mangilaluk’s Highway. The story of an Inuit boy who ran away from residential school illustrates the problems of an entire region.

The Underrated Charm of Ice Fishing. Looking at vintage photographs of the pastime is quite charming, as long as we can stay warm inside while we do it.

12 Terrible Pieces of Advice for Pregnant Women. When in doubt, ask your doctor.


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Darth Vader Mask Fail

After Obi-Wan left the mortality wounded Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar, he was rescued and fitted with new limbs, a new breathing apparatus, and a new voice. But what if the mask that gave him James Earl Jones' voice shorted out and Darth Vader was left to use his original voice? Anakin's voice was as clueless and whiny as he was.  

Auralnauts imagined exactly this malfunction. The result shows how much gravitas Jones' voice added to the Star Wars saga, and how Darth Vader would come across otherwise. David Prowse was upset that his voice was replaced with Jones', but we all know it was the right choice. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Revised Curriculum

Is It Dangerous To Talk To A Camera While Driving?

Tom Scott tries out the University of Iowa's National Advanced Driving Simulator. It's a cool machine, a pod that moves while showing you a virtual reality world. The simulator puts you, the driver, in a variety of situations to test how well you control the vehicle. The scientists who operate the simulator test drivers who text, talk on a phone, eat, and are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Scott was interested in testing a behavior he indulges in often- talking to a camera while driving. The result? He miss seeing things that he never would have realized in a real driving situation -like signs. Even when you keep your eyes on the road, if you are more busy thinking about anything else besides driving, that could happen to you. (via Digg)

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How I Trained My Cats

People who watch any video from Jun's Kitchen are fascinated by the cats Haku and Nagi who watch Jun Yoshizuki making tasty treats. They sit calmly and never try to interfere or ask for a bite! Jun explains how he treats the cats so that they behave so well. Haku and Nagi are very cooperative, but that doesn't apply to Poki, the world's most annoying cat. Maybe he'll come around as he matures. (via Laughing Squid)

Limited Edition

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American Things Europeans Find Weird

We Americans know that the rest of the world sees us as rich, obese, and armed. But there are quite a few other aspects of life that we take for granted but seem weird to Europeans. While food and gas are relatively cheap in the US, our healthcare and education are frighteningly expensive to Europeans. Guess what- they are frighteningly expensive to us, too. And there are a lot more things that make Americans exceptional.

Of course, this is just a general overview and does contain some stereotypes that aren't true (for example, Brits actually have better teeth than Americans). And they didn't even touch on the weird way Americans wear shoes inside the house, use the Imperial system of measurements, and play football. (via Digg)